Storing NLIX, Redworks heeft een redundant netwerk!

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Storing bij NL-IX

Vandaag was er een grote storing op de NL-IX, een nationaal koppelvlak voor vele operatoren.

Gevolgen voor het Redworks netwerk

Ook Redworks was hierdoor getroffen. Gelukkig beschikken wij over een meervoudig, geografisch redundant netwerk en schakelde ons netwerk automatisch om zodat u als klant geen hinder heeft ondervonden.

Berichtgeving NL-IX inzake storing

Dear Customers, As you all are well aware are experiencing some major issues this afternoon. We have stabalized the situation, but are unable to fix the cause. Therefor we are planning to perform an emergency maintenance reboot. We will inform you beforehand when this exactly will happen, but this is a very realistic scenario and therefor we want to inform you as early as possible, so you can take appropriate measures. So before we will issue the reboot there will be another announcement with the exact time of the reboot. But please be advised that there probably will not be more than an hour time between the announcement mail and the actual reboot.
Dear Customers, As reported moments ago we are planning an emergency reboot of one of our core switches the SLX at Equinix AM7. This will most likely affect ALL switches and routed connections on our network in one way or the other. Please be advised that we are issuing a reboot at 18:30 CEST TODAY. We will announce again when the switch is back up and running.
The reboot is completed. The switch became stable again and the traffic is settling down. We will be actively monitoring the network at least for the upcomming hours. As this was a core switch this switch didn’t contain directly connected customers. It seems that the rest of our network handled the traffic and according to preliminary reactions impact of the reload itself seems minimal. Hereby I state again the network is stable again and the switch has been rebooted.
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